Katarina Bulic Bestulic

I am a digital business strategist  - with a background in law - European Union law, International Business Law, and IP/data protection law. 

As a part of my education I have completed numerous online MBA's and courses where I got the pillars on digital marketing and behind the scenes of a successful digital/online business.

Over the last 10 years, I have worked with NY Times bestselling authors, tech startups, coaches, consultants, doctors, accountants, edu-tech companies, and so many more.

My life story might be similar to yours. My biggest dream was to have fulfilled family life while not giving up on my career and  financial freedom.

The way to get that, “they” told me, was to work hard, get a degree (in a profitable sector like "law") and then spend the rest of my life working my ass off. But I always had a feeling that things might be a bit different, if you choose to make a bit different decisions.

I got a law degree from Law University in Florence ✨, passed the bar exam and started building my career, working as a Head of Office in Brussels, legal adviser in a fast growing tech-startup and then owner of my own law firm and founder of the Digital Business Academy. 

However things weren’t as ideal as I thought it would be… I even started thinking …maybe “they” were right?

As a young ambitious law firm owner who also wanted to start a family I struggled with all day long workload, managing the firm and numerous clients… talking about work life balance…

I knew this life wasn’t for me. I always knew that there had to be a way to have a big career and also live and enjoy life. To have a family and a business. To have success without having to choose.

I decided to try to put my dreamy visions in action and create my own new path!

Using the Paretho principle the so called 80/20 rule I choose to work only with my three biggest client at that time with whom I was able to work completely online and who were in the digital business themselves, and from being only a lawyer I also became a mentor and a business strategist for individuals and companies who wanted to succeed in the digital world.

In the meanwhile I got married, had two gorgeous girls, spent a month in a different country each year , while working all the time and having fun. Did I mention that my kids went to kindergartens in three different countries and completely enjoyed it? Yes… it is possible!

I am an entrepreneur and I’m a mother.

I run a successful business and I’m in the front row of every recital my kids have, I’m bringing my kids to and picking my kids from the kindergarten every day.

I watch Paw Patrol and Snow-white in bed on the weekends…

“They” like to say that you have to choose between family and business, maybe… if you don’t have the right tools and strategies?

If you are a bit exhausted and maybe overwhelmed entrepreneur with a strong will and decision to make life easier for yourself and become a thriving Digital CEO, I can definitely help you get there - much faster, as I have been there myself and got on the other side 🦋



We are on the mission to empower and help you to become a thriving Digital CEO so that you can too travel the world, be with your family and spread your expertise. 

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